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CNC Machined Camera Base Housing

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Machined Camera Base Housing
Machined Camera Base Housing


At Kirsan Engineering we are an established resource for superior machined components, partnering with our customers to support their production objectives. In the project highlighted here, we were hired to manufacture a customer designed tilt shaft, a heavy duty camera base housing unit that would be used in hostile environments. The previous manufacture was unable to maintain consistent quality levels, and the customer was in need of a viable solution. With our years of expertise and production knowledge we were able to engineer a solution that optimized quality and increasing manufacturing consistency.

Production originates with the sawing of 12' 303/304 stainless steel bar stock into slugs with an Amada automatic band saw outfitted with our own patented Bar/Saw Loader. An advanced 8-axis Mazak Integrex 200SY lathe was employed for manufacturing. Featuring over 20 tools and 5,000 RPM spindle speed, the advanced technology of this equipment allowed for the production of a completed part in one step. The precision tolerances of +0.0000"/-0.0005" were met on the diameter and a 0.002" was held on the perpendicularity between the face and OD feature. Cleaning and smoothing of the part was carried out with a hand deburring process. The unit was then passivated to improve corrosion resistance and realize a smooth and uniform appearance. A full complement of quality equipment was utilized to verify that specifications and quality standards were met. In this project we employed a 100% first part approval inspection, along with in-process inspection of critical features with a coordinate measuring machine. Further in-process accuracy confirmations include optical comparator inspection for the clip ring and undercut features, surface testing, and post production testing include gage pins, thread gage, and bore micrometers.

124 units are produced annually, releasing as needed as established by our Kanban agreement. Parts are shipped to locations in the Midwest. To find out more about our innovative manufacturing solutions or for details about this tilt shaft camera housing component construction please contact us directly.


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Amada Automatic Band Saw W/Bar/Saw Loader, Mazak Integrex 200SY -(20) Tools, (1) 8” & (1) 6” Chuck, C-Axis, 5,000 RPM, Hand deburr tools & soft polishing wheel
Overall Part Dimensions
3.75” Diameter X 3.130” Long Sawed Slugs
Tightest Tolerances
+.0000”/-.0005” on diameter & .002” Perpendicularity between face and O.D. feature
Material Used
303/304 Stainless Steel - 12’ Bars
Material Finish

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Machined Camera Base Housing
Machined Camera Base Housing
Machined Camera Base Housing
Machined Camera Base Housing