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High Speed Machine Spindle

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Custom Spindle Grouping
Custom Spindle Grouping


Equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies and a highly skilled staff, at Kirsan Engineering we are prepared to provide solutions to our customer’s most demanding requirements. In the project presented here, a customer in the spindle manufacturing industry contracted us to manufacture a spindle cylinder, a complicated part with stringent production requirements. This high precision spindle part would be integrated into CNC machinery for machining applications including milling, boring, and turning.

Working from customer supplied CAD files we initiated production with 6061-T651 aluminum. This versatile material has a high strength and corrosion resistance profile, and was optimized for distortion free machining with solution heat treatment; stress relieved stretching, and artificial aging processes. Utilizing our state of the art Mazak Integrex 300 advanced multi-tasking machine, the part was machined complete in one operation using multiple live tooling heads. This 5 axis equipment features a 40 tool magazine, 5000 rpm spindles, and two 10" chucks. The elimination of multiple set ups allows for ultra-tight tolerances including ±0.0004" parallelism, ±.0008" perpendicularity, and ±.0008" cylindricity.

An R5 bright dip chemical treatment was administered to the machined cylinder, acting as a pretreatment for the subsequent anodizing process. The anodizing was applied to maximize corrosion resistance, as well as imparting enhanced aesthetic qualities. The part was anodized black, and polished to an N6 finish. The spindle cylinder was machined again after finishing, for grounding applications. Accuracy was verified with 100% inspection protocol for all part features, sending data for 25% of the lot. We were observant of the careful handling required for the part, and packaged it at the point of machining to reduce chances of nicks or dings. A flawless surface was a critical aspect of the project as any surface blemish would render the part unusable. At Kirsan Engineering we welcome opportunities to work with customers on their most challenging manufacturing projects, offering proven solutions alongside responsive customer service. For more details about this spindle machining project or our other production capabilities please contact us directly.


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Intergrex 300 with 40 tool magazine (2) 10" chucks and 5000 RPM spindles, live tooling, post plating machining required.
Overall Part Dimensions
4.500" dia. X 3.500"
Tightest Tolerances
.0004 parallelism , .0008 perpendicularity,.0008 cylindricity
Material Used
6061-T651 Aluminum Alloy
Material Finish
R5 Bright Dip and Black Anodize - N6 Polished finished

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Custom Spindle
Custom Spindle
Custom Spindle
Custom Spindle
Custom Spindle
Custom Spindle