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Custom Collet
Custom Collet


At Kirsan Engineering our reputation for tight tolerance precision part manufacturing is augmented by our ability to redesign production processes for maximum efficiency and cost savings. In the project highlighted here, a customer in the oil industry commissioned us to manufacture a custom collet. This part was utilized in a fluid power plunger lift system, and consistent quality levels for the component were critical. The previous supplier was unable to meet quality demands, and the customer found it challenging to find a replacement supplier. This collet can be very difficult to machine without the proper multi-tasking equipment, but with our industry experience and advanced equipment capabilities we were prepared to manufacture the part to exact specifications.

The collet was machined from 12' bars of 4130/1040 QT steel alloys, utilizing our Mazak SQT-250MS-Y lathe. This equipment features a 3" bar capacity, live tooling, automatic bar feeding capabilities, and boasts a spindle speed of 4,000 RPM. The part was machined complete in only one operation, achieving the tightest tolerances of ±0.005". An in-machine deburring process was completed to clean and smooth the part, and the final finishing operations including a phosphate coating and bead blasting of threads were outsourced to be completed by a trusted vendor.

Final part dimensions were 2.565" in diameter and 4.75" in length, with a 2.125”-12NS-2A O.D. screw thread designation. The part features a 2.313" fish neck profile. Quality and accuracy were verified throughout production with a number of methods, including a 100% first part approval inspection. We employ a range of tools including pitch micrometer, gauge pins, blade micrometer, comparator, I.D. telescopic gauge, digital micrometer and digital caliper for exhaustive measurement confirmations. This project represents an annual production rate of 350 units. We handle inventory management for this part, releasing parts from consignment inventory as needed to customer specified locations. We were proud to accomplish customer production goals, developing a highly repeatable and accurate process for this precision part. For more details about this collet manufacturing project, or the other custom manufacturing solutions available please contact us directly.


Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Mazak SQT-250MSY Lathe w/Live Tooling & 12’ LNS Automatic Bar Feeder
Overall Part Dimensions
2.565” Diameter X 4.75” Long from 12’ Bars
Tightest Tolerances
+/-.005” & 2.125”-12NS-2A O.D. Thread
Material Used
4130/1040 Steel Q&T
Material Finish
Phosphate coating with a bead blast finish on threads

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Custom Collet
Custom Collet